EasyVista Acquires Goverlan to Expand Product Capabilities Toward Self-Healing

Solutions for Remote IT Support Systems management, and endpoint compliance

About Goverlan®

Goverlan is among the G2Crowd’s Top 100 Best Software Companies based on the voice of our customers. Our focus is to simplify remote IT support. We design secure remote access software solutions for system admins, engineers, helpdesk technicians, and IT departments.

With Goverlan Reach™, you can remote control any device, provide behind-the-scenes IT support, deploy software or patches, monitor endpoint compliance in real time, automate IT workflows and streamline systems management.

With Goverlan MDM you can remotely control and troubleshoot any mobile device in real time. You can perform app, security, asset management, secure content distribution while providing foolproof security for corporate data and enabling BYOD.

Meet our Executive Team

Pascal Bergeot

Founder / CEO

Pascal Bergeot has more than 20 years of experience in software technology development, software design, architecture, implementation and commercialization.

Mr. Bergeot earned a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from City University of New York (Summa Cum Laude).

Mr. Bergeot worked as an IT software consultant at Goldman Sachs & Co for four years before founding Goverlan Inc.

Since the creation of Goverlan Inc., Mr. Bergeot has proven his ability to innovate the company’s core product line while providing organizational leadership. Pascal’s depth of technical and operational expertise has driven positive business results.

Judy Lee

Founder / COO

Prior to Goverlan, Judy Lee worked 15 years as a business analyst, designing and developing software applications for front-end trading and back-office operations at several financial institutions in New York and Japan.

Ms. Lee was instrumental in the founding of Goverlan Inc. Acting as COO, Ms. Lee manages front-end customer support and sales administration and is the account representative for the company’s key accounts.

Raul Ortiz

VP Product Support & Client Services

Mr. Raul Ortiz has over 20 years of system administration and client support experience. Raul has a profound understanding of system administration, system automation and root cause analysis. As such, he has been instrumental in helping to define the technical future of Goverlan®. Mr. Ortiz has been the technical face of Goverlan® with several contributions to the Remote IT Admin Blog and Goverlan® YouTube channel and an avid IT community participant.

Previously, Mr. Ortiz has supported fast paced and company critical systems for various financial trading firms such as Goldman Sachs, Pali Capital and Investcorp International.

Olivier Marschalik

Vice President Sales

Olivier brings more than 20 years of experience growing revenue for Enterprise Software companies, in particular for End Points management technologies. He has been running Global sales for blue chips companies and founded or built the revenue engine for several start-ups. In terms of academics, Olivier graduated with an MBA from INSEAD and a BA in international business from Groupe ESSEC.

Olivier believes that the sales function is all about making customers successful. That means building cross-functional teams that are diverse, passionate about their space, and who get hyped every time they win together.

Outside of work, Olivier enjoys family life and a regular healthy dose of adrenaline. He has two fantastic albeit hyperactive kids, loves cooking, riding a motorcycle to work most days, and enjoys the occasional friendly basketball game or kitesurfing session.

Company History

Goverlan® was born amidst NYC’s Wall Street in 1998, to solve investment banks and financial institutions help-desk pain points.

In 1998, after a successful two-year rollout in one of the largest investment banks, Goverlan Reach was commercialized on a larger scale.

In the 20 years since the company’s founding, Goverlan® has developed extensive expertise in the areas of Remote IT Support, compliance and software application development.

Goverlan® has released numerous product launches and built a client base spanning 110 countries and 17 industries, securing a solid reputation in the IT support industry.

Goverlan Reach History

Top Rated Remote Access Software

From initial product design to quality assurance testing, Goverlan® collaborates with its clients to establish a relevant product roadmap that prioritizes the features and tools they need.

Goverlan Reach Top 100 Best Software Companies

This collaborative and client-centric philosophy continues to be part of our company culture. We credit it for our success. As a result, Goverlan Reach is a top rated remote access software, and we are proud that our company made the list of the Top 100 best software companies based on the voice of our customers.