The Drive for IT Automation

Every IT automation initiative starts out with the best of intentions from all parties involved – customer, sponsor and participants. Yet, more often than not, these initiatives end up failing outright or fail to deliver the promised benefits.

It’s not that project participants or sponsors are being careless, taking the wrong actions or making the wrong decisions, because there are other factors at play. Avoiding common problems, building a proper business case and understanding the proper fit of automation within the organization are key parts of what it will take to have their IT automation initiative be successful.

In this article, you will learn:

  • The common problems encountered with IT automation initiatives;
  • The different types of adoption models at play in IT automation;
  • Where IT automation initiatives should start and how to target value creation;
  • Where Goverlan technology can be used to target quick, impactful wins.

The recommendations described in this article provide the reader with important ideas and tangible guidance on how to demonstrate customer value, control costs and manage risks associated with IT automation initiatives. Let Goverlan show you how you can move towards smarter, successful IT automation initiatives today.

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A few of our happy customers:

BNP Paribas
Miami Heat
Electronic Arts
Rite Aid
Lockheed Martin

A few of our happy customers:

Hormel BNP Paribas Miami Heat Electronic Arts Rite Aid Lockheed Martin

Why choose Goverlan?

Quick and easy installation

Fast and Effortless to Deploy & Maintain

Goverlan uses small agents that are automatically installed and easily maintained. Goverlan leverages your existing Active Directory configuration.

Affordable Licensing

Simple Licensing

Priced per operator licensing allows you to support an unlimited number of end-users.

Rapid ROI

Rapid ROI

Automate day-to-day tasks in minutes, providing almost immediate time to value.

Unrestricted trial version

Unrestricted 30-day trial

Have an IT project coming up? Download and install an unrestricted 30-day version of Goverlan and get real work done without spending a penny!

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