New Rules for Tools

Whether the price tag is $500 or $500K, when considering a tool purchase, most technical specialists will think about the purchase in terms that they are comfortable with – technical specifications, “speeds and feeds” and product features comparisons

It’s not that they shouldn’t consider those elements, but in today’s economic climate, it’s just not enough. Any justification should ultimately be a business justification and directly address the needs/concerns of those who are going to fund and support the tool purchase.

In this article, you will learn:

  • The key factors driving customer purchasing behaviors;
  • Four key questions to address which are fundamental to a solid business justification;
  • The importance of building justifications using a customer-centric perspective;
  • Five key rules that can make the critical difference in getting projects approved.

Each of the rules will be described, have concrete elements to pay attention to and a list of actions to perform associated with it. The new rules described in this article provide the reader with important ideas and tangible guidance on how to improve tool acquisition and integration processes in the organization.

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A few of our happy customers:

BNP Paribas
Miami Heat
Electronic Arts
Rite Aid
Lockheed Martin

A few of our happy customers:

Hormel BNP Paribas Miami Heat Electronic Arts Rite Aid Lockheed Martin

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