Meltdown Spectre Mitigation on Windows
with Goverlan Reach

Within minutes, get an accurate enterprise-wide report to identify which machines need to be updated.


Raul Ortiz

Webinar presenter
Going Beyond PowerShell with Goverlan Reach

Meltdown Spectre Mitigation on Windows – Part I

Join us live for a repeat of our Jan 26th webinar.

Part I focuses on the following workflow automation:

  • Running of the SpeculationControl.ps1 on a large batch of computers to establish which machines need a security update
  • Gathering of actionable data: (computer name, bios version, update Status)
  • The consolidation of the data in one excel file for reporting

In just a few minutes you’ll get an enterprise-wide report using real-time data.

This workflow automation can be run against internal/external endpoints and on-line/off-line machines.

Part II demonstrates the deployment of security patches and validation (to be scheduled).

Presenter Biography

Raul Ortiz is the VP Product Support & Client Services at Goverlan. Raul has a deep understanding of Goverlan Reach and plays a key role in product development.

Before joining Goverlan, Raul worked as a system engineer. He implemented and supported the IT infrastructure of various financial trading firms such as Goldman Sachs, Pali Capital and Investcorp International.

The webinar is finished

We will be publishing the video soon!