EasyVista Acquires Goverlan to Expand Product Capabilities Toward Self-Healing

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Reduce Your Number of Incidents

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2021

Webinars for IT Pros: How to Reduce Your Number of Incidents (forever!)

What if you could reduce the number of tedious incidents that end up in your queue for good? You know, the ones that are not only tedious to deal with, but you fix them and then they keep coming back?

Learn how to:

  • Spot and remediate any disk space issues before they happen, automatically
  • Auto reboot any machine that has been up for too long (you know the one last rebooted in 2012…)
  • And more!
Stay compliant with zero effort

Tuesday, February 9th, 2021

“Fast-casts” for IT Pros: Stay compliant with practically zero effort

Staying compliant with corporate governance and IT security requirements is an ongoing battle for many IT pros, and continually removing instances of Flash is an ongoing headache for most.

Come join our Fast-Cast – 15-minute webinars for busy IT Pros – and learn how to easily stay compliant.

  • Remove Any Flash instance from all your machines (at last)
  • Spot and remove rogue local admins (gotcha smarty pants
  • No hands NTFS permission reporting and management
Report on Anything Instantly

Thursday, February 18th, 2021

“Fast-casts” for IT Pros: How to Report on Anything Instantly (yup, instantly!)

Come join our Fast-Cast – 15-minute webinars for busy IT Pros – to learn how to easily create a host of useful reports quickly.

Join our 15-minute fast-cast and learn how to easily and quickly:

  • Build real time software and hardware inventory for any number of machines, in a few clicks
  • Everything you never dared to ask to your Active Directory: Expired passwords, locked and stalled accounts, recursive group membership
  • And much more!


Software Deployment Techniques for the System Admin and learn how to:

In this webinar learn how to: install software that requires elevation; install software that requires additional files; and troubleshoot failed software installation attempts. Mastering these techniques will make most remote software.
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Watch the Process Automation Basics webinar and learn how to:

Create a basic workflow; incorporate 3rd party agents processes into an automation; and run multiple workflows with one Process Automation. No programming skills required!
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Incident response capability can help organizations reduce breach costs by more than 25% on average*.

Register and learn best practices for ensuring your security practices are being followed by all employees. *Ponemon Institute's 2019 report
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Instantly Detect & Remediate a Missing Patch

With the continued rise of data breaches, cyber attacks and GDPR around the corner, it is essential to strengthen your incident prevention capabilities.
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Going Beyond PowerShell with Goverlan Reach

Meltdown Spectre Mitigation on Windows with Goverlan Reach / Part 1 - Adam the Automator and Raul Ortiz.
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Introducing Goverlan Reach

Implement a Goverlan Reach solution in your infrastructure, Use Goverlan Reach to manage Internal and External devices – no VPN required, and more.
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