What is the Goverlan Central Server?

The Goverlan Central Server (GCS) is a central authority that can govern agent behavior and change the Goverlan console settings in a very secure manner.  Once installed and registered, a Goverlan Central Server becomes a central authority for all Goverlan applications and Goverlan Agents. 

Why would I need to install a Goverlan Central Server?

The Goverlan Central Server is an optional component. You do not need to install it in order for Goverlan Client Applications to function. Only install one or more Goverlan Central Servers if any of the following server features is of interest to your company.

Universal Settings Distribution

This feature allows you to securely dispatch Goverlan settings to all of your clients. This feature is similar to the distribution of Goverlan Universal Settings via Active Directory Group Policy. However, it guarantees that the Goverlan client settings will be applied in a timely and secure manner.

Use this feature if you need to enforce one or more Goverlan client options in your infrastructure. The settings distributed via the Goverlan Central Server cannot be modified or tampered with by anyone, even local and domain administrators. They can only be modified if you have direct access to the Goverlan Central Server control interface.

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Centralized Auditing

This feature enables centralized auditing of Goverlan Recorded Events across your enterprise. When enabled, the configured Goverlan events are registered in the Central Server in addition to the standard local event registration.

Use this feature if you need to centrally monitor events such as Goverlan Remote Control Session activity or Windows Logins and Logouts.

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On-Site Goverlan Licensing Service

The Goverlan Central Server can be used to distribute and manage Goverlan licenses on premise.

This can be used:

  • If internet access from the Operators’ machine is unavailable.

  • To enable silent license distribution.

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