There are several settings that can be configured to change how Remote Control requests are handled, as well as the Goverlan console settings. The Goverlan Central Server (GCS) is a central authority that can govern agent behavior and change the Goverlan console settings in a very secure manner. To learn more about how the Goverlan Central Server works, read the Goverlan Central Server User Guide.

Installation Considerations

The GCS software is very easy to install and even though it does not require major hardware or software specifications, it should be installed on a machine that is always on and available. Windows 7 or later /  Server 2008 or later recommended.

Installing the Goverlan Central Server

Goverlan Central Server Install Screen

  1. Run the Goverlan Central Server installation EXE
  2. Leave the default options on the Custom Setup screen and click Next
  3. Complete the installation.

Publishing the Goverlan Central Server 

Once your GCS is installed, configured and started, it will need to be published across your network infrastructure. Until it is published, the Goverlan client applications will not be able to detect and receive the universal settings. You can publish the server on your network in two ways: via DNS or via GPO. For more information refer to GCS Getting Started - Installation and Configuration.

Goverlan Central Server Control Interface

Once the GCS software is installed and the SRV record is created, launch the Goverlan Central Server - Control Interface

Goverlan Central Server Config Screen

Starting and Stopping the GCS Service

Use the Server Controls section to start and stop the GCS Service. Stopping the service will cause the agent requests to fail.

Goverlan Central Server Service Controls

Verifying GCS Functionality

Use the Server Statistics controls to view the agent activity log. As Agents communicate with the GCS, an entry will appear in the real-time log.

Click the Turn On button to activate the real-time agent activtiy logs. 

Goverlan Central Server Enable Activity Log

Goverlan Central Server Activity Log

Enabling Universal Settings Distribution

Universal Settings Distribution is the policy engine that controls agent behavior. For more information about configuring policies, see Understanding Goverlan Agents.

Universal Settings Distribution can be enabled and disabled use the Universal Settings Distribution tab.

Goverlan Central Server Settings Control

Click the Enable or Disable button start or stop the Universal Settings Distribution.

Enabling Remote Control and Login/Logout event auditing

The GCS can centrally collect Remote Control events and User Login events and display them within the GCS console. 

Goverlan Central Server Auditing Control

Click the Enable or Disable button start or stop Auditing.