EasyVista Acquires Goverlan to Expand Product Capabilities Toward Self-Healing

Remote Desktop Support Software Easily support and access desktops remotely

on-demand unattended remote desktop access

Securely connect to any desktop inside and outside of your network remotely

Goverlan's on demand remote desktop support software works across platforms, allowing IT teams to support Windows, Mac, Linux, and VDI machines.

  • Seamlessly support corporate users as they roam in and out of your network
  • On-demand assistance of any user over the internet
  • Access and log into unattended machines

The Goverlan Reach remote desktop support software does not require any hardware, and quick and easy to install and implement.

Remote user assistance collaboration

Automatically Detect Logged-in Workstations

  • Benefit from real-time detection of user logged-in workstations
  • Quickly access any server, user, and machine through advanced Active Directory searches
  • Get full support for VDI, RDP, and Citrix Sessions

Remote user assistance collaboration

Active Directory Management

  • Comprehensive tool set simplifies Active Directory management
  • Effectively manage passwords, users, accounts, and groups
  • Detect stale accounts and perform seek and clean actions

Remote administration software

Behind-the-scenes Remote Administration Software

  • Use behind-the-scene Systems Management tools to support your users without interrupting their work
  • Query, control, and manage workstations via background management tasks

remote control software

Remote Control Desktop Support Software

  • View multiple systems at once and detect issues or undesired activity—live!
  • Share the screen, keyboard, and mouse without disconnecting the user
  • Mask the end-user’s screen while you perform admin duties with Curtain Mode

Remote user assistance collaboration

Remote Communication & Collaboration

  • Invite other technicians to join a user session to collaborate on a resolution
  • Benefit from a range of collaboration tools, including screen share and video capture
  • Live chat function and push notification

on-demand unattended remote desktop access

Automate IT Tasks

  • Create 1-click automation to eliminate repetitive IT service desk tasks
  • Scan groups of machines or Active Directory objects for a specific configuration or state, then report, alert, or remediate upon discovery
  • Deploy software across multiple computers
  • Automate Microsoft patch deployment and get reports on installed and available security patches
  • Enforce IT compliance and security policy
  • Report on software and hardware inventory

Remote Desktop Support Process Automation Examples

detect user's logged-in machines

Report on Active Directory Users

All Active Directory users with current status.

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Remote desktop access with support multiple platforms

Detecting Missing Adobe Reader

Reports machines missing the Adobe Reader.

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Out-of-Band System management

Monitor & Remediate Low Disk Space

Monitors machines running out of disk space.

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User notification

Deploy the KB4012598 patch

Protects endpoints against WannaCry.

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Remote desktop access branding experience

Terminate – Deprovision User(s)

Terminates user(s) with a single click.

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CAC/PKI Compliant

Update SSID / WiFi Password

Updates the WiFi profile password.

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