IT Process Automation Global Infrastructure Configuration, Reporting & Automation

Automate repetitive or complex IT workflow processes

Create global systems management tasks and Active Directory workflow automations. Have them run as needed, scheduled or based on a specific trigger.

For example you can:

  • Deploy software and patches in real-time
  • Manage local administrator’s user IDs and passwords
  • Update anti-virus signature files across your systems
Process automation

Generate granular and comprehensive IT reports

Generate reports on the state and configuration of Active Directory accounts and systems across your network.

Generate IT reports

For example you can:

  • Create software and hardware inventory and asset management reports
  • List all systems reporting low available memory or failing hard drives
  • Report all systems currently running ‘aBadVirus.exe’
  • Generate a user login history across your machines for the past two months

Scan, detect and react in real-time

Scan Active Directory objects or scopes of machines for a specific configuration or state, and report or react upon detection in real-time.

Real time action

For example you can:

  • Detect low disk space on systems and clear log and temp directories
  • Migrate Active Director objects to a new configuration based on their existing settings
  • Detect and disabled undesired system devices
  • Detect a virus based on its signature and execute a removal automation

Visit the Goverlan Automation Center

Review, download and install pre-built actions and automation templates. Use pre-built templates,
submit your own or ask the Goverlan community for help!

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Real time orchestration


Goverlan Reach uses a push technology to dispatch its process automations. Tasks are pushed to each endpoint in real-time to deliver rapid and predictable execution time frames.

Microsoft SCCM/ConfigMgr automations are executed only when a machine checks with the SCCM server for available tasks, making Goverlan Reach a perfect companion to complete these products.