EasyVista Acquires Goverlan to Expand Product Capabilities Toward Self-Healing

Active Directory Management Tools For Remote IT Support & Systems Management

Automated Active Directory Management & Reporting Software

Managing and reporting on Active Directory objects can be tedious work. Having to use native or disparate AD management tools to get the work done can cost you valuable time. Goverlan active directory management tools and reporting software provides simple, easy-to-use, and comprehensive tools to simplify Active Directory management from the same console used to support the rest of your IT infrastructure. Goverlan also leverages your existing AD infrastructure to provide some unique features.

"perform a wide variety of administrative tasks directly on the target computer, not to mention interact directly with your Active Directory objects."

— South Dakota Bureau of Information & Telecommunications

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The Active Directory Management Solution

Advanced Active Directory searches: Quickly find users and machines with advanced wildcard AD searches. Fix IT support issues quickly by detecting where users are logged-in in real-time.

Active Directory user accounts: Quick access to manage the AD features you use the most. Set passwords policies, unlock accounts, manage user groups, report on user login history, and more.

Active Directory Group Memberships: Easily manage AD group memberships, add/remove groups, import/export an entire group membership profile, and report on effective group membership for one user account or groups of user accounts.

Account Statistics: Report on login history, group memberships, password age, computer identity information, folder permissions, and more with active directory management tools.

Active Directory Seek and Clean: Automatically scan for inactive user accounts and remediate without lifting a finger.

Password management: Bulk AD password management, notify users en-masse about upcoming password expiry, automatically reset expired passwords at scheduled times, implement user password policies enterprise wide, reset locked accounts, and more.

Active Directory Attribute Manager: Bulk edit or update any AD attributes for computers, users, or groups. Create custom templates for mundane T tasks like new user or computer provisioning and employee termination.

New User Provisioning: Build customized User Account provisioning templates and apply them to new user accounts when they are created. Automate all the follow up tasks for new user provisioning including: permissions, mapped drives, and more!

LAPS Enabled Active Directory Domains: Leverage Microsoft LAPS features for password tracking, updates and IT process automation

"Goverlan's search features in an Active Directory environment for user and computer management make for an extremely efficient workflow."

— Ellenville Central School District

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"We have always preferred Goverlan because of its ease-of-use and deployment, cost-effective licensing, and the built-in management capabilities like Active Directory integration..."

— Teltech Communications

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