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Goverlan vs TeamViewer:
Who Has The Most Versatile Remote Access Solution?

Side-by-Side Comparison of Key Goverlan and TeamViewer Features
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Beyondtrust vs Goverlan
Remote Desktop Access
Active Directory Integration
Peer-to-Peer Sessions
On-Demand / Unattended Sessions over the internet
Unlimited Sessions / Endpoints
Discover Computers by Logged-on Username
Supports Citrix & MSTS Session Shadowing
Multi-Sessions Screen Activity & Health Counter Monitoring
SmartCard Redirection
Session Capture to Video/Snapshot
Users & Endpoints Management
Query System Information
Supports Intel® vPro
File System Management
Services & Devices Management
Remote Script Execution
Remote Shell / Command Prompt Access
Active Directory Account Management
Network Configuration Management
Identity & Domain Relationship Management
User Session Management
Discover where users are logged-on and jump into remote management
Report User Login Events
User Drive / Printer Mappings Management
Power Management
Running Processes / Startup Programs / Performance Monitoring
Limited (report only)
Software & Patch Deployment & Inventory Reporting
Local Account Database Management
Shared File Resources Management
PowerShell / VB Script Generator
Global Change Management via IT Automation
Generate Granular and Comprehensive IT Reports
Automate Repetitive or Complex Global IT Processes
Scan Scopes of Machines, Detect Customizable Configurations and React

Why Goverlan Reach is the Best Alternative to TeamViewer

When looking for a better alternative to TeamViewer, Goverlan Reach provides the versatility, security and usability for the best price.

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Affordable pricing to suit all of IT management needs

Goverlan Reach is licensed on a per concurrent tech basis starting at $35 per month, with unlimited management of external and internal end-users or machines.

Goverlan is the best TeamViewer alternative

Secure privileged access


Secure privileged access without opening your systems to a vector attack.

Save Support's time and employees

Reduced Time-To-Resolution

Save Support's time and employees' time by working behind-the-scenes without remote control and end-user interruptions.

Scalable pricing


If you want to lower total cost of ownership of a remote support and IT management solution via scalable pricing.

Service Delivery Format

Global Endpoint Management

Globally manage systems (e.g. Software and patch deployment, desktop config.)

Easy Onboarding

Easy Onboarding

Save time, and ultimately costs, with instant detection and onboarding of large base of devices for IT support and management.

Save money with a lower cost of ownership

Goverlan Reach is licensed on a per-tech basis starting at $35 per month, with
unlimited management of external and internal end-users or machines.

Goverlan Standard license vs Teamviewer Corporate license

Standard license
Corporate license
Concurrent Technicians 1 concurrent seats
unlimited simultaneous devices
1 concurrent seat
max 3 simultaneous devices
Endpoints Unlimited max 500
Extra cost > 500
Monthly price
Billed annually

Goverlan is
up to 83%
Less expensive

for more capabilities

TeamViewer Premium vs Goverlan Reach Enterprise

Goverlan Reach
Concurrent Technicians 1 with max 3 concurrent
support sessions
1 with unlimited concurrent
support session
Concurrent On-Demand/ Unattended Endpoint Management Up to 400 Unlimited Endpoints
(Internal or External)
Licensing Format Subscription
(billed annually)
(billed monthly or annually)
Price $1,992/year $1,548/year
or 22% Savings

When Security Is A Key Requirement

It is important for IT departments to be able to provide a positive and effective IT support experience with flexible Workflow. However, it shouldn’t be to the detriment of security and integrity.

Goverlan Reach adheres to the highest security standards in the industry

  • On-premises solution – privileged access information is never stored on the cloud
  • Encrypted communications
  • Uses the underlying operating system’s native security to authenticate and authorize support actions
    (no proprietary elevated access point is exposed)
  • Centralized and distributed auditing of every action performed on machines by operators
  • Supports HSPD-12 / FIPS201 / FIPS140-2 compliance

Teamviewer Has Some Significant Drawbacks, Such As:

  • It interrupts the remote user as they watch you do your work, instead of doing theirs
  • Gaining privilege access and performing advanced management task is difficult

As a TeamViewer alternative, Goverlan enables you to fully support your machines without interrupting your end users and execute advanced management tasks and support duties in the background while the remote user continues working.

Save Support's time and employees

Reduced Time-To-Resolution

via powerful IT remote support tools and behind-the-scenes systems' management

Goverlan Reach works “behind-the-scenes” both on machines and servers. You can query full system information, push software packages or patches, attach new printers or drive mappings, configure your users’ desktops or fix system issues all in the background, without end-user interaction or interruption.

Global Endpoint Management

Global Endpoint Management

Globally manage systems (e.g. Software and patch deployment, desktop config).

You can also perform global IT management across your systems using Goverlan Reach IT Process Automations. Easily deploy security updates or policies, update your anti-virus signature files, run compliance scans and many other tasks, all with a few clicks.