EasyVista Acquires Goverlan to Expand Product Capabilities Toward Self-Healing

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Goverlan vs BeyondTrust (formerly Bomgar):
Who Has The Most Versatile Solution?

Side-by-side Comparison of Key Features
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Beyondtrust vs Goverlan
Remote Desktop Access
Active Directory Integration
Peer-to-Peer Sessions
On-Demand / Unattended Sessions over the internet
Unlimited Sessions / Endpoints
Discover where users are logged-on and jump into remote control
Supports Citrix & MS RDS Session Shadowing
Multi-Session Screen Activity & Performance Counter Monitoring
SmartCard Redirection
Session Capture to Video/Snapshot
Users & Endpoints Management
Query System Information
Supports Intel® vPro
File System Management
Services & Devices Management
Remote Script Execution
Remote Shell / Command Prompt Access
Active Directory Account Management
Network Configuration Management
Identity & Domain Relationship Management
User Session Management
Discover where users are logged-on and jump into remote management
Report User Login Events
User Drive / Printer Mappings Management
Power Management
Limited (reboot only)
Running Processes / Startup Programs / Performance Monitoring
Limited (report and terminate processes only)
Software & Patch Deployment & Inventory Reporting
Limited (report and uninstall only)
Local Account Database Management
Shared File Resources Management
PowerShell / VB Script Generator
Global Change Management via IT Automation
Generate Granular and Comprehensive IT Reports
Automate Repetitive or Complex Global IT Processes
Scan Scopes of Machines, Detect Customizable Configurations and React

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Affordable pricing to suit all of IT management needs

Goverlan Reach is licensed on a per concurrent tech basis starting at $40 per month, with unlimited management of external and internal end-users or machines.

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When Security Matters

Goverlan Reach is an on-premise software-based application. It doesn’t require any dedicated hardware or pre-configuration on your infrastructure. Simply install the Goverlan Reach Console on the operator’s machines and you are ready to manage your organization!

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Service Delivery Format
Intuitive with No Learning Curve
Intuitive with No Learning Curve

Intuitive with No Learning Curve

  • Uncluttered user interface for easy navigation
  • Intuitive workflow for speedy actions
  • Active directory integration with search capabilities to quickly find users and save valuable time
  • Effortless access to users and systems’ information and more!
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When Speed is of Essence

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Goverlan Reach’s real-time technology permits almost instantaneous connection to systems whether they are inside or outside of your organization. Avoid lags and delays when immediate action is required.

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When Speed is of Essence