EasyVista Acquires Goverlan to Expand Product Capabilities Toward Self-Healing

Support Remote Workers with Goverlan Reach

Support and manage external devices with ease as WFH workers
roam in and out of network
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All Goverlan features to support WFH workers

Take advantage of all Goverlan features
to support WFH workers, including:

  • Support corporate users as they roam in and out of network
  • Access and log into machines unattended when necessary
  • Remotely monitor multiple machines in a few clicks
  • Deploy software and manage external endpoint, even when SCCM and inTune are failing
  • Solve common end-user issues, including: reset password, unlock an account, install a driver or device, add a printer or map a drive, run and end a process
  • Query, control, and manage workstations, servers, or systems via background management tasks to eliminate downtime
  • Perform background management actions using the operator’s privilege level or elevated privileges
  • Collect detailed data for software installed on any remote machine
  • Install or Uninstall software on individual or groups of machines
  • Remotely repair corrupted programs, patch Windows or other third-party software

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Easily ensure enterprise-wide compliance with IT policy, reduce downtime, eliminate repetitive tasks

Access any endpoint remotely to install / uninstall software, Windows updates, push security patches, reporting, run automated processes without interrupting the end user


Goverlan is the Best Remote Support Software for Any WFH Policy

Save valuable time and ensure compliance with Goverlan

Save valuable time and ensure compliance with Goverlan’s process automations, including:

  • Inventory reporting
  • Uninstalling software and Windows updates
  • Enterprise security patch updates
  • Server application monitoring
  • Network latency
  • And more!

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Security is a Critical Consideration for Remote Support Software

Remote IT Support Software solutions with access to corporate networks and all devices is too critical to be safely in the cloud. Goverlan is an on-premise solution that delivers more functionality at a lower cost without the risk of getting all your endpoints compromised if a highly visible cloud-based solution is hacked.

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Security a Critical Consideration for Remote Support Software

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