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Remote IT Support for Help Desks and Sysadmins

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Supports Citrix & Microsoft RDP User Sessions

Expedient Desktop Management

Get to any user or machine in no time through advanced Active Directory searches, real-time detection of user logged-in workstations, and full support for VDI, RDP and Citrix sessions


Behind-the-scenes IT Help Desk Support

Support your users without interrupting their work. Query, control and manage workstations via background management tasks. Remote Control only when necessary

Provide Seamless Remote IT Software Support: Work in the Background

The most common desktop support tickets usually fall in those simple categories:

- Blue screen

- User can’t log in

- User’s computer is slow

- Internet is slow

- User can’t print

- User can’t access a directory

- I need a software installed or repaired

For all those small tasks, Goverlan remote help desk software provides an expedient way for technicians to quickly work behind the scenes:

- Reset a password

- Unlock an account

- Install a driver or device

- Add a printer or map a drive

- Install, repair a software

- Run & end a process

- Monitor performance

Background IT Management Tools

  • AD Account Management
  • Task & Performance Manager
  • User Logged-in Session Detection
  • File System Management
  • Power Actions & User Control
  • Local Accounts Management
  • Services & Devices Management
  • Drive Maps & Printers Management

Goverlan fully integrates with your internal Active Directory with powerful search capabilities. Quick find and access any Active Directory objects.

Manage accounts and groups, reset password or unlock accounts.

You can also use Goverlan to remotely change machine names and apply domain memberships.

Active Directory Remote Management Integration

Goverlan includes a powerful remote task manager that allows the monitoring and management of running processes. Keep an eye on performance counters and detect system health issues. Manage Startup programs to improve user login speed.

Remote Task Manager

Query your users' machines live!

Goverlan's fastConnect feature queries where a user is logged-in live. Quickly and effortlessly access your users' machine — no information required.

Detect User Desktop Login Sessions

Browse through and manage the remote file system. Transfer files to-and-from the remote PC.Get privileged command line and PowerShell access to your workstations and servers.

Remote File Transfer (FTP)

Power Management of remote machines with Intel® vPro™ AMT support for out-of-band management.

Power off, stand by, restart or logoff users on your remote endpoints.

Remote Power Management with Intel vPro Support

Query and manage local user accounts and groups on individual or set of machines.

Rename the local administrator account, reset password or modify group memberships.

Local Account Management

Start, stop, modify, or remove system services or drivers.

Scan and report on connected devices like monitors, printers, drives, USB devices and others.

Windows Services and Devices Management

Query and manage user drive mappings and connected printers.

Remotely configure additional file drive maps, printers, environment variables or desktop shortcuts to your users’ desktop sessions without interrupting them.

Manage User Drive Mappings and User Printers

Collaborate on Resolution for Complicated Cases

For your more complicated cases, you can assist your users via remote control:

  • Invite other operators to join a session
  • Communicate with your users via text or audio chat
  • Share information via screen snapshots or video recording

Advanced IT Remote Control

  • Multi-Machine Screen Monitor
  • RDS Session Shadowing
  • FastConnect Technology
  • Support for Multi-Monitors
  • Multiple RC Protocols
  • On-Demand & Unattended Access

Monitor multiple systems at once and detect issues or undesired activity—live! View health status and spot performance issues by monitoring CPU, disk, memory and network activity levels. Allow the support team to monitor multiple machines while working on another machine, multi-task, and detect issues in real time.

Remote Screen Monitoring

Shadow Citrix XenApp / XenDesktop and Microsoft RDP user session. Goverlan supports multiple-monitor remote desktop sessions.

Remote Desktop Access with Session Shadowing

Goverlan is capable of detecting active logged-in sessions of a user (including Citrix and RDP sessions). Specify a user name to connect to, and Goverlan will present you with the user’s machines. You can even specify a partial user ID and Goverlan automatically searches Active Directory to resolve full user information.

Your IT Remote Management Software Solution

Goverlan supports multi-monitors endoint. Enable single monitor viewport or all monitors at once. Or view one viewport per monitor on the operator side.

IT Remote Control Software with Multi-Monitor Support

Choose from the GovRC, GovRCMD, RDP, VNC, AMT, Telnet or SSH access protocols to gain access to the full ecosystem of platform types.

Multiple Remote System Access Protocols

On-demand assistance of any user over the internet. Unattended and privileged access to internal and external systems.

Remote Assistance On-Demand or Unattended

Increase Your System Admins Productivity

Delegating simple tasks to your help desk benefits your IT organization by freeing your system admins from working on time-consuming assignments. They can now turn their focus on what matter the most: configuration and systems management, IT workflow and process automation.

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Increase Your System Admins
Security and Compliance

Security & Compliance

Goverlan Reach meets the most stringent compliance mandates imposed on government agencies, healthcare organizations, and financial institutions, such as HIPAA and FICA. Goverlan offers comprehensive access controls, including audit trails of privilege access, multi-factor authentication, and strong security encryption (AES 256 , TSL 1.2).

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Manage Your Remote Users & Systems

Support sessions

External Site Management

Global control across all your sites, without a VPN.

Management anywhere

Unattended Endpoint Management

Perform individual or global endpoint management of travelling users, home machines, standalone servers or kiosk machines.

Support sessions

On-Demand Assistance

Quickly support any user or device over the internet.

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