Remote Desktop Support

Easily support and access desktops remotely

Support and access remote Windows, Mac, and Linux

Support Windows, Mac, and Linux machines using the Goverlan remote support tool. Goverlan is an application that sits on the support technicians desktop. It does not require any dedicated hardware or even a database back-end, meaning you can download Goverlan and start offering secure remote desktop support in minutes.

"Using Goverlan, we can troubleshoot at a fraction of the time — and the cost."

— Córas Iompair Éireann (CIE)

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Active Directory Integration: Find user sessions quickly with Goverlan Active Directory integration and real-time logged-in workstation detection. Active Directory bulk management for user, computer, or group objects is included.

Behind-the-scenes: Remote control can be disruptive; Goverlan offers access to powerful behind-the-scenes remote support tools. Quickly access and manage software products, Microsoft and third party patches, task and device managers, and more, without interrupting the user.

Remote Control: Support remote computers with Goverlan Remote Control. Access and log into unattended workstations, support remote users without disconnecting them. Support for multiple protocols and virtual sessions.

Citrix and VDI: Leverage all of the Goverlan tools against virtual desktop or application sessions. Detect virtual sessions in real-time; support and manage the hosting server, the user session, and the end-users device. Remote shadow / control Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop sessions.

Scripts & Tools: With Goverlan you can create, organize, and catalogue any number of pre-built scripts. This enables your service desk to automate routine diagnostics, troubleshooting and remediation. Scripts can also reference a file for more robust tasks, such as software installations.

Communication & Collaboration: The Goverlan remote support solution allows multiple people to collaborate within a single remote support session, increasing first contact resolution and improving the end-user’s experience.

"Perform tasks in the background with minimal or no interruption to the user."

— Kingdon Capital Management

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"It's not just a remote control product, you're tied into the Active Directory."

— Frontier School Division

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