EasyVista Acquires Goverlan to Expand Product Capabilities Toward Self-Healing

Secure Remote Access Software for IT Departments Streamline Remote IT Support Software with Powerful Systems Management Tools

Quick Resolutions Powerful & Secure Sysadmin tools
Central Mgmt Reduce time to resolution with powerful system admin tools
More Secure Monitor & maintain system health
More Secure Preserve security and endpoint compliance

Assist anywhere with remote access software

Goverlan Reach remote access software tethers your support access to users’ machines whether they are inside or outside of the corporate network.


Access on site

At home

Access at home


Access while traveling

Enhanced Remote IT Support Software with powerful Systems Management tools

Key remote access software features to keep your users happy and productive

Advanced remote

Advanced Remote Control

Access your devices, anywhere, anytime. Powerful options including 6 different Remote Control protocols, shadowing Citrix or Microsoft TS sessions, one-to-many and many-to-one connections, plus other advanced features cover all your secure remote access needs. Remote Control

Behind the scenes

Behind-the-scenes Remote IT Support

Use behind-the-scene/screen remote IT Management remote access software tools to support users without interrupting them. Configure custom automations to quickly fix routine issues or proactively remediate system health issues Systems Management

Automate a task

Software and Patch Management

Quickly deploy software or security patches on target machines for your existing applications without interrupting your users. Automate Microsoft patch deployment and get reports on installed/available patches.
Software Deployment

Active directory

Active Directory Management

Easy-to-use and comprehensive software tools simplify Active Directory management. These include automating repetitive tasks, password management, compliance reporting, bulk object management, seek and clean, plus a whole lot more! Active Directory management

Monitor System Health and Remediate Ahead of Time

Bring endpoints into compliance with IT Process Automation

User support
  • Automate repetitive ITIL, systems and configuration management tasks
  • Get alerts on security policy changes
  • Customize reports for compliance and root-cause analysis
  • Detect & remediate non-compliant endpoints
  • Report and react on Active Directory groups, NTFS permissions, account passwords, administrative rights, and more
  • Automate complex IT workflows like user provisioning or termination
  • IT Process Automation

Preserve security and compliance with remote access software

On-premises Implementation

Goverlan Reach is an On-premise solution with no external vendor dependency, ensuring your IT support has ultimate security.

  • No external surface of attack
  • Internal password vault
  • Enterprise-class authentication and authorization

Centralized Policies and Auditing

Centralized configuration and auditing permit secure and easy implementation of the Goverlan solution within your infrastructure.

  • Control client configuration and operator access
  • Audit and monitor operator actions