EasyVista Acquires Goverlan to Expand Product Capabilities Toward Self-Healing

Kiosks & Digital Signage Support

Goverlan Remote Access for Kiosks and Digital Signage Systems is a smarter Remote Support and Monitoring software that enhances the maintenance of public-facing digital displays. It enables IT departments, systems integrators and technicians to monitor and support mission-critical systems remotely from their desk without disrupting the guest experience.

Goverlan is used in multiple industry verticals, including Healthcare, Hospitality, Education and Retail, to provide remote access to a range of digital signage systems (DSS), such as electronic billboards, kiosks, point of sale systems and touchscreen displays.

Don’t let Digital Signage Fails Ruin the Guest Experience

  • Support a DSS after a failure without exposing its system or desktop to public view
  • Remotely perform visual verifications on multiple digital signage screens at once
  • Schedule health measures to prevent future DSS fails
  • Audit systems, detect undesired activities and send alerts


Detect a Digital Signage system fail


Remediate a Digital Signage system fail


Prevent Digital Signage system fail

Remote Support Solution for Digital Signage Systems

Goverlan Remote Access for Kiosks and Digital Signage Systems offers three main methods for performing remote support:

  • Curtain Mode
  • Background Systems Management
  • Scheduled Maintenance

Curtain Mode

Support systems that require immediate attention. Deal with the aftermaths of a digital signage fail without exposing the digital display system's desktop to public view.

When the Curtain Mode is activated:

  • A static full-size screen image or a responsive design HTML page is deployed to block the view of the digital signage desktop. It acts as a curtain.
  • The curtain prevents a guest physically present at a digital sign display from seeing what the technician is doing while the remote control session is in progress
  • The technician gains access to the host machine’s system, desktop, mouse, and the Goverlan Remote Control toolbox.

Remediate a digital signage fail with curtain mode

Remote Control Toolbox

Accelerate troubleshooting and remediation for a faster time-to-resolution.

Remote Control Toolbox: Access Systems
Access System
Remote Control Toolbox: repair DSS fail
Remote Control Toolbox: collaborate

Background Management

Seamless Remote Support for digital displays without interrupting production

Goverlan Background Systems Management tools allow a technician to work behind-the-scenes without interrupting the delivery of digital content to your electronic displays or interfering with the applications running on your kiosks.

Push updates in real-time, transfer a file, or execute a change of configuration, while the digital signage stays in production and keeps operating normally. Background IT management is a seamless method for providing remote support.

Background Systems Management Toolbox

Day-to-day support without interruption

Background Systems Management Toolbox for DSS: configure
Background Systems Management Toolbox for DSS: Update
Background Systems Management Toolbox for DSS: Transfer Files
Transfer Files

Scheduled Maintenance Tasks

Prevent Future DSS failures

Using Goverlan Reach's IT Process Automation module, a console operator can schedule maintenance tasks at the most convenient time. Program recurring tasks or one-offs with Goverlan's easy-to-use UI:

  • Restart a group of machines every day at the same time
  • Check for system updates
  • Dispatch a system or software update

Remote Monitoring Solution for Digital Signage Systems

The Goverlan Reach platform offers two main methods for monitoring digital signage systems:

  • Multi-Machine Screen View
  • IT Process Automation

Multi-Machine Screen View

Remotely QA multiple screens at once

The Multi-Machine Screen Monitor allows a remote console operator to view a group of digital signage devices at the same time. This is perfect for QA digital assets without having to be present at the host machine, allowing you to remotely ensure everything is working according to plan. The Multi-Machine Screen View can display over 100 screens at once.

If you are the person in charge of programming content, you will be able to verify in real-time that each digital signage is running the right creative or application.

If you are a remote support technician, you will be able to monitor real-time performance of CPU, disk, memory and network activity levels or spot a message error prompt.

To facilitate collaboration and troubleshooting, technicians can also invite other operators to join a session. They can also record a video or capture a screenshot and share it with the rest of the team.

Multi DSS screen view: perform visual verifications on multiple digital signage screens at once

Audit Systems, Detect Undesired Activities and Send Alerts

QA your systems in real-time

With IT Process Automation, a console operator can scan a group of machines to detect a specific change of configuration or state, send alerts, and automate remediation. He or she can also collect data on multiple systems at once and consolidate the output into a report.

Examples of Scan Detect workflows:

  • Detect Digital Signage Systems which media application stopped running
  • Detect Digital Signage which systems did not restart in the past 24 hours
  • Detect Digital Signage Systems with high CPU or memory usage

Examples of reports:

  • Offline Digital Signage Systems
  • Digital Signage Systems with low available memory or failing hard drives
  • Digital Signage System hardware and software inventory

Security Features

Role Based Access

Set up granular access for your team based on a job function: Marketing, HR, Support Technician, Systems Admin, Active Directory Manager

Security Protocols

Goverlan Reach uses AES 256 as well as TLS 1.2 security protocols to encrypt all communications between systems.

Centralized Auditing

Goverlan keeps a trail of operator access and actions which allow you to audit and monitor privileged access.