EasyVista Acquires Goverlan to Expand Product Capabilities Toward Self-Healing

Solarwinds® Integration with Remote Support

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Solarwinds integration with Remote Support

Streamline Ticket Management, Problem Resolution and Compliance with Goverlan

Goverlan’s zero-hassle integration with Solarwinds plus powerful remote support features and automated case notes generation will boost your team’s efficiency, time-to-resolution and compliance requirements.

Goverlan Remote Support integration with Solarwinds

Ticket Management

Problem Resolution

Automated Case Notes

Improved Knowledge Base

Reduced Time-To-Resolution

Meet Compliance

No More Empty Case Notes

Complete case notes every time
Improve productivity and efficiency by removing this tedious and manual task and let Goverlan auto-generate accurate and actionable resolution information.

Auto-Generate a Searchable Knowledge Base
Build a searchable knowledge base of resolution information using Goverlan’s auto-generated case notes.

Meet Compliance Requirements
by enforcing the auditing of technician’s actions.

Solarwinds Automated Case Notes Generation with Goverlan

The Cool Stuff

Zero-Hassle Integration,
No Complex Setup!

  • No extension plug-in
  • No data schema change
  • No permission configuration

Collaborate on Incident

Two or more technicians can work on the resolution of an incident simultaneously, promoting team collaboration.

Support Any
Systems, Anywhere

Support your users, on-demand or unattended - anytime, anywhere.

Goverlan is so much more than just a
Remote Control Tool.

It’s Remote Support on Steroids!

Why Goverlan Reach?

Empowering the global IT environment since 1998. Trusted by 13,000
customers and managing more than 3 million devices.