EasyVista Acquires Goverlan to Expand Product Capabilities Toward Self-Healing

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  • Remotely manage all endpoints, inside or outside the firewall
  • Ensure compliance by remotely install / uninstall apps, patches, and updates even if the user is outside the network
  • Easily deploy software or patches to large groups of endpoints using MS LAPS policy
  • Save time and work on your schedule by remotely accessing any machine, inside or outside of the network, without requiring the user to be present
  • Remotely install, repair, or remove any application on a single machine or thousands in a couple of clicks
  • Remote into and simultaneously look at up to 50 machines at a time
  • and so much more!

“I love that I can set up printers and remove software via the console without having to interrupt users. I love the feature to remotely view and interact with Windows Event viewer. The remote command line utility is helpful and offers suggestions on pre-defined commands that you can send to the console. You can also customize the list of available commands which is nice.”

Liz D., Helpdesk Technician,
Goverlan Customer


“It's saves a lot of time. When we have a user request I can just look up the user by name, id the logged in computer that they are on, remote in and fix most issues without having to leave my desk (especially helpful with remote workers).”

Jason V., IT Helpdesk,
Goverlan Customer


“Love the Reach server. With the Coronavirus changes in people working from home, this gave us the ability to support personal computers. If you don't have a system in place for remote desktop, this would be a game-changer for support, both remote desktop and system support with reports and asset management.”

Les L., Desktop Services Manager,
Goverlan Customer

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