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What is Remote IT Support Software?

Remote support software enables IT technicians to log on to someone else"s computer or device from anywhere to deliver support.

Goverlan Remote IT Support Software
Goverlan Remote IT Support Software

Who are Remote IT Support Services?

Remote IT services is a system that allows an individual to connect and use a specific machine or network from a remote location.

What are the benefits of Remote IT Support?

Goverlan Quick Response Time

Quick Response Time

Businesses and institutions have an easy way to quickly resolve basic issues with remote technical support services. A key benefit of a remote IT tech support service is that an IT pro can take control of the user’s system, run diagnostics, and deploy support solutions, as necessary.

Goverlan Increase in Employee Productivity

Increase in Employee Productivity

The ability to quickly resolve an issue means less wait time and more time for someone to be productive. Help desk software solutions keep things going and provide employees with the support to remain dedicated to completing their tasks.

Goverlan Around the Clock Support

Around the Clock Support

With the increase of globalization, business operations are no longer limited by geography or the time of day. Remote IT support offers users access to 24/7 help desk support, no matter what time it is or where they are.

Goverlan Support

What is Attended Remote IT Support?

Attended remote support is implemented when the end-user using a device or application needs immediate help. Attended support solutions allows the IT professional to provide support to client the moment an issue arises. The technician will be able to remotely access the end-user’s device, troubleshoot, and fix the problem swiftly.

Goverlan Attended Remote IT Support
Goverlan Unattended Remote IT Support

What is Unattended Remote IT Support?

Unattended remote support means the technician can remote into the end-user device even if they are not present.

Unattended solutions are used to deliver routine maintenance and support to devices. While, attended remote support provides assistance to users who require immediate help, unattended remote support can be used to manage an IT network, deploy updates, and troubleshoot non-pressing issues.

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I love Goverlan... Overall I have been using Goverlan now for 4 years, and of all the products I have tried out, Goverlan is the best. I like everything about Goverlan pretty much. I like the fact that I can deploy software remotely, connect to machines remotely, connect to Workgroup added machines, see all the details about a connected machine, add printers remotely, see file folders, run DOS Commands. It is just a great product for an IT Admin to monitor machines.

– Wesley S. Head of Information Technology, Manufacturing