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What is Remote Admin Software?

Remote admin software allows system administrators to modify and update software remotely to ensure that devices, machines, and other networks are always kept updated and to improve system performance.

Goverlan Remote IT Support Software
Goverlan Remote IT Support Software

How Remote Admin Software Works?

A support technician uses remote admin software by a using their credentials to do work on a user’s behalf.

In most cases, where you might have to normally remote into someone's machine and wait while you install software for them, or tell them to get a cup of coffee, or ask when is a good time? This is what sets Goverlan’s Remote Admin Software apart from the competition. With our Remote Admin Software, you can do it all in the background automatically and without taking up the user's time or yours.

The Benefits of Remote Admin Software

Work Remotely with Goverlan

Work Remotely:

Remote work is more common than ever. With remote access, employees can work from any device, platform, or network anywhere in the world. Remote desktop functions allow them to remotely access important files and share their screen for meetings and troubleshooting. However, with this new level of access, comes this pressing issue of being able resolve tech problems from anywhere in the world.

Remote admin access enables employees of an institution or corporation the ability to perform their tasks without the need to be physically present in their designated work location. With remote management access, employees can log in to their actual work desktops’ interfaces and perform their tasks conveniently at their own pace and respond faster to every business requirement.

Remote Administratio with Goverlan

Remote Administration:

Remote management access gives systems administrators the ability to remotely monitor and manage machines within the network. They can, also, modify each users’ permissions pending the users’ specific job requirements. Administrators can either add privileges to users who will be needing it or restrict users from accessing files unnecessary for their job roles.

Faster Troubleshooting with Goverlan

Faster Troubleshooting:

With remote admin software, IT technicians have an easier and faster time troubleshooting problems that may arise within software systems and their functionality. With remote access to the corporate network, a company’s IT team would not need to go to their server’s location just to troubleshoot technical difficulties. Instead, they can complete the same job faster just by remotely logging into the corporate network using their personal devices wherever they may be.

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I love Goverlan... Overall I have been using Goverlan now for 4 years, and of all the products I have tried out, Goverlan is the best. I like everything about Goverlan pretty much. I like the fact that I can deploy software remotely, connect to machines remotely, connect to Workgroup added machines, see all the details about a connected machine, add printers remotely, see file folders, run DOS Commands. It is just a great product for an IT Admin to monitor machines.

– Wesley S. Head of Information Technology, Manufacturing