Remote control

Advanced Remote Access Tools

Provide IT remote support with the most powerful and
secure remote access solution.

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Access your users and systems within seconds, no matter where they are

  • On-demand assistance of any user over the internet
  • Unattended and privileged access to external systems
  • Seamlessly support corporate users as they roam in and out of network
on-demand unattended remote desktop access
Remote user assistance collaboration

Collaborate on resolutions by inviting other operators to join a session

  • Communicate with your users via text or audio chat
  • Collaborate on a resolution by inviting other operators to a session
  • Share information via screen snapshots or video recording

A feature set for all your
remote control needs

Quickly find and connect to user sessions with fastConnect

detect user's logged-in machines

Search for a user by name and find their active sessions including traditional desktop sessions, Citrix, and RDP sessions.

Support multiple

Remote desktop access with support multiple platforms

Choose from the GovRC, GovRCMD, RDP, VNC, AMT, Telnet or SSH access protocols to gain access to the full ecosystem of platform types.

Systems Management

Out-of-Band System management

If your machines are Intel® vPro™ ready, perform out-of-band management: Power ON shutdown systems; reboot to BIOS; or reboot to a new OS image.

Configurable user notification

User notification

Choose to notify the end-user, prompt for approval or operate in stealth mode across remote control sessions.

Brand your

Remote desktop access branding experience

Fully customize and brand your users’ experience. Change the message and visuals and make it your own.


CAC/PKI Compliant

Goverlan supports SmartCard redirection and allows you to login to a remote system using your common access card.

Access Citrix and Microsoft Terminal Services user sessions

  • Connect to a Citrix or Microsoft TS server and view RDP user session status live
  • Provide a user ID and query the Citrix or Microsoft TS server on which the user session is located
  • Shadow user sessions and share the screen, keyboard and mouse
Citrix and Microsoft Terminal Services user sessions shadowing
Screen activity

Monitor screen activity and health status of groups of computers and machines.

  • View multiple systems at once and detect issues or undesired activity—live!
  • Spot performance issues by monitoring CPU, disk, memory and network activity levels
  • Create custom layouts of groups of machines and screens; save and reopen them with a single click

Centralized configuration and auditing

  • Centrally define operator feature access, client approval
    process and notifications via policies
  • Centrally audit remote assistance sessions including operator
    background management actions
Audit policies