Compare Goverlan Reach Editions

Per Concurrent Tech
per month (paid annually)
$39 per month (paid monthly)
Per Concurrent Tech
per month (paid annually)
$89 per month (paid monthly)
Per Concurrent Tech
per month (paid annually)
$159 per month (paid monthly)
Goverlan Reach Product Updates
Goverlan Reach Technical Support
End Point Management
Internal End Points
End points that are located within your private network
unlimited unlimited unlimited
Over-The-Web Managed Nodes included (concurrent)
Number of over-the-web concurrent on-demand assistance sessions or unattended managed endpoints that are included with the edition. Additional end point licenses start at $6/node/year and decreases in price with volume.


per account


per account


per account

Centralized Configuration and Auditing
Advanced Remote Control
Connect to any machine within 10 seconds
On-demand and unattended systems
Audio and text chat
1-to-many and many-to-1 support sessions
Lock, logout, reboot or shutdown systems
Remote access to BIOS (Intel vPro-ready end points only)
Multiple protocols for multiple platforms/system-type access
Monitor screen activity and health status of groups of machines
Video capture of desktop access sessions
Supports PKI via SmartCard redirection
Behind-the-scenes Systems management, diagnostics and monitoring Limited
File transfer and management
Task/Startup Program management
Power management
PowerShell access
Health monitoring
Full reporting of system hardware and software configuration
Real time information with fail-over historical data
Software deployment and patching
Network share management
User and system print management
User drive mapping management
Registry management
Script execution
Active Directory Integration and Management
Browse or Search Active Directory to quickly access your users and their machines
Account management
Password management
Group memberships reporting and management
Global Systems Management via IT Process Automation
Generate reports on the state and configuration of users & machines
Perform global systems management tasks
Perform global Active Directory changes including password reset
IT Compliance Assessment and Remediation
Scan users and machines to detect and report non-compliant configurations or states
Resolve compliance issues through real-time remediation automations
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