EasyVista Acquires Goverlan to Expand Product Capabilities Toward Self-Healing


Ongoing Spiceworks Logo
Goverlan Remote Administration Suite

Features include: performing live support & diagnostics on your users and their machines, software distribution and inventory, generate granular custom reports on demand...

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May 2014
Using Goverlan RAS to centralize Windows desktop control

The Goverlan Remote Administration Suite may provide systems management functions for Windows admins for less money than Microsoft System Center...

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14 October 2013
Remote Desktop: Connecting to Your PC From Anywhere.

The days of needing to access an office computer strictly between 9 to 5 are over for many workers. Whether it's employees wanting to get projects or tasks completed at home...

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9 September 2013 BIMmuse Logo
Goverlan Remote Administration

Goverlan is an all-in-one IT console for management, installation, and inventory. You can control network machines remotely (with more flexibility and convenience than Windows Remote Desktop)...

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July 2013
Goverlan Remote Administration Suite v7 as a Companion to System Center Configuration Manager

An increasing number of organizations are turning to Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) to manage the computers in their environments...

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20 February 2013 Windows IT Pro Logo
Product Review: Goverlan Remote Control

Doctors are never called by their patients and asked, "Hey, can you walk me through this open-heart surgery over the phone?" Yet as IT professionals, we are asked to provide this kind of support every day to our users...

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16 March 2010 Tony Tech Geek Logo
Best Remote Administration Software- EVER!

Recently I was ask to review and test a bunch of software’s for the desktop support staff to remotely administer their machines. Goverlan wins hands down ...

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1 October 2003
Administration From Afar

PJ Technologies' Goverlan is a lightweight tool with three separate areas of functionality...

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