Goverlan® Announces Complimentary IT Remote Control Software

Goverlan® continues to expand their portfolio of products with free IT remote control software. Goverlan Free Remote Control integrates with Active Directory and offers extended remote access protocols, and monitoring layouts and views, all at no cost.

Miami, FL (PRWEB) August 5, 2015

Today, Goverlan, a leader in remote management and IT remote control software, announced the release and general availability of Goverlan Free Remote Control, a free remote desktop solution for enterprise IT departments. Goverlan Free Remote Control enables IT desktop support engineers and system administrators to better support their environments with domain-integrated remote control.

Goverlan Free Remote Control is an Active Directory/workgroup integrated remote control software. Using Goverlan Free Remote Control, administrators and support technicians can benefit by taking advantage of the Active Directory (AD) search capabilities, extended remote access protocols, and monitoring layouts and views - all at no cost.

Goverlan Free Remote Control is available for anyone to use and comes with a 30-day trial of the full edition: Goverlan Remote Control.

CEO, Pascal Bergeot explains: "We are offering parts of Goverlan Remote Control for free because we saw an opportunity to mend some of the daily frustrations of the IT desktop support world. With the Goverlan user-centric approach and Active Directory integration, engineers can now truly access and support their users versus their user's machines. While definitely not as feature rich as the full edition, Goverlan Free Remote Control will greatly improve companies' mean time-to-resolution and decrease end-user frustration. It's a win-win situation."

As one Goverlan customer put it:
"With Goverlan I can simply ask 'what's your name?' and instantly I can see all the machines that user is logged into and narrow down to the exact machine in mere seconds."

"I can see all the machines that user is logged into and narrow down to the exact machine in mere seconds."

Product Details

Goverlan Free Remote Control allows IT professionals to leverage Active Directory integration to better support end-users. Using Goverlan fastConnect, technicians can search for a partial username (*or any other partial AD object) and resolve to the user's active desktop sessions gaining instant access to remote control without having to know complicated machine names or asset tags.

Goverlan Free Remote Control includes a "favorites" section where end-points can be organized by AD containers, static containers or IP subnets for quick individual or group access.

Goverlan Free Remote Control exposes the VNC, RDP and Telnet/SSH remote access protocols allowing the management of a wide range of OS and device types including Windows, MacOSX, Linux and routers.

Use Goverlan Free Remote Control to build customized saved layouts/monitoring views and keep an eye on critical servers, apps, and machines with instant access to 1-on-1 or 1-to-many remote control sessions.

For the first 30 days of use, the full featured Goverlan Remote Control Full Edition is unlocked including access to the Goverlan RC protocol (which supports Citrix® XenApp™/XenDesktop™ session shadowing with multiple monitor compatibility), Intel® vPro™ KVM (for out-of-band management), Remote Command Prompt, File Transfer, Task Manager, Power Management, Session Video Capture, and centralized configuration and auditing.

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