Goverlan Announces Citrix Ready Designation

Top-Rated Remote Management and Remote Control Software Now Available for the Expanding Citrix Ecosystem

Miami, FL (PRWEB) April 6, 2015

Goverlan a leader in remote management and remote control software, announced its flagship product, the Goverlan Remote Administration Suite, has been verified as Citrix Ready®. The designation Citrix Ready signifies that the product has completed a rigorous verification process to ensure compatibility with Citrix XenApp™ and XenDesktop®, providing confidence in joint solution compatibility.

Goverlan customers with Citrix XenApp can better support hosted sessions by using Goverlan fastConnect to detect any active Citrix user sessions and display the hosting XenApp server. Administrators can easily provide support to Citrix user sessions from the same console that they use to perform day-to-day IT management tasks.

With Goverlan Administration & Diagnostics, administrators can support users behind-the-scenes, minimizing disruptive remote control sessions. Administration & Diagnostics empowers support teams with easy-to-use and comprehensive tools to support individual XenApp user sessions with full access to: network drive mappings, printers, environment variables, remote command line, and chat with and/or send pop-ups to the end users.

Goverlan Remote Control enables administrators with remote shadowing capabilities for Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop sessions without disconnecting the user. This includes connecting to a virtual desktop or published application that is in use.

Goverlan was compatibility tested and designated Citrix Ready for XenApp versions 6.0, 6.5, 7.0, 7.1, 7.5, and 7.6 as well as XenDesktop 7.0 and 7.1 App Editions.

“Goverlan loves quality software products and Citrix. With the advent of Citrix solutions, the provisioning & maintenance of user desktops was so greatly simplified that it changed everything, including the way desktop access, support, and management had to be done,” said Pascal Bergeot, CEO, Goverlan. “Goverlan is among the first on the market to rework client management tools to support Citrix virtual implementations, and today Goverlan has one of the most mature and powerful XenDesktop and XenApp remote support offering. This Citrix Ready designation will be carried with pride by Goverlan!”

"Goverlan has one of the most mature and powerful XenDesktop and XenApp remote support offerings."

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About Citrix Ready

The Citrix Ready program identifies verified solutions that are trusted to enhance virtualization, networking and cloud computing solutions from Citrix, including XenDesktop®, XenApp™, CloudPortal™, XenServer®, and NetScaler®. The Citrix Ready designation is awarded to third-party products that have successfully met verification criteria set by Citrix, and gives customers an added confidence in the compatibility of the joint solution offering. The Citrix Ready program leverages industry-leading alliances across the Citrix partner eco-system to meet a wide variety customer needs, and currently incorporates partners who have demonstrated more than 25,000 product verifications. It also includes the Citrix Ready Community Verified program, which allows customers to see thousands of products that have been verified by other customers to work in their production environments. More information about the Citrix Ready program can be found at Reach Citrix Ready using social media via the Citrix Ready blog site and Twitter.

About Goverlan

Goverlan enables IT support to globally and dynamically control, manage, and support desktop and server infrastructure in real-time, without user interruption. This means IT desktop support engineers and system administrators can get to the root of the problems quickly and resolve client issues more efficiently. Chosen by IT professional worldwide, Goverlan is renowned for its ease-of-use and extensive feature set. Learn more at or contact Goverlan at

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