Goverlan announces complimentary windows management instrumentation (WMI) explorer software

WMIX empowers system administrators with free advanced remote client management leveraging native windows management instrumentation (WMI)

Miami, FL (PRWEB) January 29, 2015

Goverlan a leader in remote management and remote control software, announced the release and general availability of WMIX, a free GUI based implementation of Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) technology. WMIX enables administrators to perform agentless remote administration of Windows machines without scripting or programming.

WMI is a service provided by Microsoft developed to be consumed by Independent Service Vendors (ISVs). Many independent client management tools leverage WMI technology and it is also used by advanced systems administrators via scripting, PowerShell or a Microsoft provided command utility called WMIC. Natively, WMI is complex, heavily relies on scripting and is not very human-friendly.

WMIX removes complexity from WMI by providing a user-friendly interface to explore the extensive WMI repository and create scripts using a wizard; this provides a path for the common systems administrator to access powerful and comprehensive technology. WMIX removes complex coding out of WMI and only exposes consumable formats, allowing anyone to benefit from WMI without having to study it.

Goverlan CEO, Pascal Bergeot explains: “At first, WMIX was implemented as an internal development tool to assist the integration of WMI Technology within the Goverlan Client Management Tool, but we quickly realized that this product would be of great service to all Windows System Administrators out there, as it would allow anyone without advanced scripting knowledge to consume this powerful technology. We are very proud of offering this product free of charge for all to enjoy.”

"we quickly realized that this product would be of great service to all system administrators"

Product Details

WMIX allows administrators to generate Visual Basic scripts for reporting, modifying or executing actions against local or remote machines via WMI scripts using a built-in wizard. All WMI parameters are converted to a user-friendly format.

The included WMI Query wizard can easily create sophisticated WMI queries (WQL). Administrators can specify query filters to return only the information needed from machines matching the query criteria. The WMI Query wizard is the perfect tool for creating Group Policy WMI filters.

With WMIX you can:

  • Explore and consume WMI technology through a human-friendly user interface requiring minimal WMI knowledge or coding skills
  • Generate Visual Basic scripts automatically using the WMIX GUI to define what needs to be reported on or performed and have WMIX generate a script for you
  • Generate WQL queries using the WMI Query wizard to create a WMI GPO filter
  • Perform agent-free remote systems administration, keeping your IT infrastructure clean of third party vendor agents
  • Leverage existing industry standard, certified and compliant technology

WMIX is the right product for you, if you:

  • Want to learn WMI
  • Want to generate WMI scripts
  • Want to perform advanced system administration tasks and reports that rely on WMI
  • Are a systems administrator, infrastructure engineer or a systems developer.

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