Sysadmins Now Manage Windows Embedded Thin Clients with Goverlan

Goverlan now manages Windows Embedded PCs and devices securely and efficiently.

Miami, Florida (PRWEB) April 30, 2013

Goverlan, Inc. today announced that its flagship remote administration software, Goverlan, now offers an all-in-one solution to support and manage Windows Embedded PCs and devices. Windows Embedded technology is quickly expanding in the fields of education, manufacturing and healthcare.

Windows Embedded 7 - the latest iteration of the Windows Embedded family - is fast becoming an industry standard, and with the release of Windows Embedded 8 and Windows Embedded 8 Industry earlier this month, more and more businesses moving to these new platforms need an integrated remote management solution to support their growing thin client devices, including SOC (system on a chip), kiosks, retail point-of-service devices, digital signs, medical devices, and more.

Goverlan is leading this trend by offering a secure and efficient solution to support and manage these Windows embedded devices, with unique capabilities such as: the ability to mask the device’s screen while they work unobserved; the ability to bypass the autoadminlogon process and login as service accounts to perform administrative tasks; and a lightweight agent that is less than 5MB, well suited for thin client embedded devices with limited resources.

"Goverlan offers a secure and efficient solution to manage Windows embedded devices"

IT admins can make full use of Goverlan’s extended remote administration features to manage Windows Embedded devices just as if they were standard Windows computers; they can schedule nightly reboots in order to reset the RAM drives to corporate configuration and query point-of-sale systems for all login and logout events as required by PCI Compliance standards.

Using Goverlan, IT admins can remotely manage kiosk machines without having to decommission them for maintenance, perform asset inventory reports, execute batch & scripts, and schedule maintenance reboots.

To learn more about managing Windows Embedded devices with Goverlan, please visit our blog.

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