Goverlan Remote Control v6.75 Beta for Microsoft Vista

Miami, FL (Market Wired) September 22, 2006

Version 6.75 Beta 1 does not yet run on Vista (mainly due to minor installation issues) but fully supports Vista Clients. This version will be provided free of charge to our existing customers.

The road to Vista compatibility has been a harsh and long journey. No other Microsoft operating system release had required as many code changes as Vista. In fact, as a Remote Administration ISV, we have had to face every new security roadblock that Microsoft Vista had to offer.

We are now providing software conformity to Vista's FUS (Fast User Switching), UAC (User Account Control), UIPI (User Interface Privilege Isolation), Session Zero Isolation, new SAS policies (Secure Authentication Sequence), and Virtualization.

Goverlan Remote Control can be downloaded at:

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