Release of GoverLAN 5 With Scope Actions

NEW YORK, Feb. 5 /PRNewswire/

GoverLAN is a leading remote administration, user support and enterprise desktop management suite for Windows NT® and Active Directory platforms. It is equally a critical asset for enterprise administrators, system administrators and technical support teams.

New in GoverLAN 5:

GoverLAN now brings powerful administration, diagnostic and enterprise level management features to your desktop. Use GoverLAN as a help desk tool, as an administrator tool or as an enterprise level desktop/user management tool.

GoverLAN Scope Actions

GoverLAN Scope Actions are a new concept in GoverLAN and represents a major improvement in what GoverLAN has to offer. This new feature empowers you to take control of your machines, users and groups as a whole. Every piece of information, every setting, and every action can now be reported, modified and executed at a scope level. GoverLAN Scope Actions offers enterprise desktop management from a single point of control.

GoverLAN Administration & Diagnostics

Use GoverLAN to execute real-time remote administration and troubleshooting on your users, computers and groups. GoverLAN is so rich in remote administration features that once you try it, you will wonder how you ever did without it.

GoverLAN Remote Control

Eighty percent of the GoverLAN Remote Control code has been re-written to provide you with a much faster, more secure remote control feature. The new GoverLAN Remote Control is so fast, it feels like you are physically on the remote machine. In addition, a new security model has been implemented so that you can feel safe in using GoverLAN in an enterprise environment. Finally, support for clients with multi-monitors has also been added. Since we license GoverLAN on a per console basis, not on a per node basis, GoverLAN is still the most cost-effective remote control solution for the enterprise in the market today.

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About Goverlan

Goverlan enables IT support to globally and dynamically control, manage, and support desktop and server infrastructure in real-time, without user interruption. This means IT desktop support engineers and system administrators can get to the root of the problems quickly and resolve client issues more efficiently. Chosen by IT professional worldwide, Goverlan is renowned for its ease-of-use and extensive feature set. Learn more at or contact Goverlan at