Important notification for Goverlan v8 users

All versions of Goverlan v8.0, the previous version of our remote access software are being retired and immediately replaced by Goverlan v8.5. This is a mandatory free update to all Goverlan v8 clients. Upon the release of Goverlan v8.5, previous versions of Goverlan will no longer be supported.

Why is this happening?

Goverlan v8.5 introduces a new software licensing service that will greatly extend our delivery model. This new licensing delivery model will support the current perpetual license format and will provide additional services such as SaaS subscriptions, floating licenses and the ability for our clients to manage their licenses consumption via a customer portal.


Goverlan v8.5 will be released on August 15th 2016. However, Goverlan v8.5 and its new licensing service is already available and you can begin your migration to it today. All current Goverlan users should take steps to upgrade to v8.5 as soon as possible.

How do I upgrade?

Contact our Sales department by phone or email to request detail on your license migration. You will be provided with a account that is used to sign-in to Goverlan v8.5.

For more information on Goverlan v8.5 go to:

Important notification for Goverlan v6 and v7 users

Goverlan Inc. will be releasing a new software licensing service. This new service will greatly extend our licensing delivery models by offering SaaS licenses in addition to perpetual licenses. With this change, there are some important dates for customers using our legacy solutions.

June 1st, 2016 - End of Support for Goverlan v6 and v7

Goverlan v8 will become the actively supported product line. Goverlan v6 and v7 will be officially deprecated.

You will no longer be able to receive technical support on the Goverlan v6 and v7 product. However, you will still be able to use Goverlan v6 and v7 and perform activation transfers and new activations.

August 1st 2016 - End of Life for Goverlan v6 and v7

The Goverlan v7 legacy licensing service will be deprecated.

You will no longer be able to perform new activations or activation transfers of the Goverlan v6 and v7 product. However, already activated copies will still function as expected.

In light of these upcoming events, we are strongly encouraging you to contact our sales or support department to inquire about these changes and prepare your migration to the latest version of Goverlan.