Report AD User Info using email address

We just had a situation where we needed to ‘reverse’ lookup Active Directory user account names. We had a list of email addresses from our Azure online, which is the ‘account’ in this environment. However, they wanted me to use that list of email addresses and run a report on Active Directory to retrieve the AD User Account Name. So if the email address was they wanted to know the AD account name, which would be something like JS5672. I had to find a PowerShell command and run that manually. The text file input needed a format of “” and was a bit of a hassle, since I don’t do PowerShell! So I thought it would be so much easier if I could use Goverlan to query AD using a text file full of email addresses as the input file into a Goverlan action that would retrieve AD user account info, such as retrieve the AD account name.

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