Multiple Seats per License

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It would be a huge benefit to be able to log onto the console two (or three at most) times per license. For instance if I’m logged into the console at my main workstation, and have to run across campus with my laptop and continue using the console, most of the time I end up getting a license limit error.
Prior to Goverlan, we used DameWare which provided 3 seats per license.
I am hoping Goverlan can provide this as well.


  1. Hello Mike, Currently you can install the console on as many systems as you wish. You can check the “Free the license when I close the program” box which makes the license “Float”

    If you enable this for each installation, your license is released when you simply click the X and close the application.

  2. I understand the Floating license concept, however I choose to leave my console up 24/7 on my main workstation as I’m constantly in and out of the office. Having to release a license to use it on my laptop gets cumbersome and shouldn’t be necessary.

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