Better Process Scheduling

4 years agoopen0

Currently ‘Custom Actions’ and ‘Process Automation’ aren’t linked. If a Custom Action is created, you can’t go and create a Process Automation and select that action as the Process, you have to re-create it. Yes you can copy each step as a template and then go over and drag it into place that is a terrible solution. It creates a separated environment where if you make changes to your Custom Action over time you have to make sure you go in and make the same changes to the Process Automation or you’ll be running into issues constantly. There should be a much simpler process in place for wanting to schedule a custom action rather then just running it on demand and tying up the Goverlan interface. For example, in PDQ Deploy you create your action and from the same interface you can either run it on demand on a list of computers, or you can schedule the action to run. There’s no mixed interfaces where two copies of the action exist causing potential issues and mis-matched actions.

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