Automatically search both user and computer name in remote control dialog

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I always forget to swap between Computer and User when connecting, because I’m an idiot. Please help me with my mental deficiency by searching both categories and bringing up results for both when I’m trying to find a client.


  1. Hello Mark and thank you for your feedback. This feature is actually already available.

    The easy to way have Goverlan search for both Users & Computers and when specify a remote control target name is to use the ‘*’ wild character in the name. This tells Goverlan to automatically search for everything in AD, irregardless of the object type configured in the dialog.

    For instance, if you specify ‘DEV-NYC-*’ and press ENTER, then all user and computer accounts starting with that string will be presented to you. If you specify ‘*LEGAL*’, the all computer or user accounts that have ‘LEGAL’ in their name are returned.

    I hope this helps!

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