• Powershell Get-credential

    The Get-credential command doesn’t pop up with a prompt box to store username and password so the command can’t be used within the Goverlan remote CMD.

  • Send email to multiple users

    Currently, Goverlan only allows an email to be sent to one user. I’d like to be able to email multiple users. For example, if users password are expiring i should be able to create a scheduled task that emails multiple users simultaneously.

  • Reach server integrate with Azure AD

    We would like the reach server to integrate with Azure AD. Our company and many others are moving to Windows 10 Azure AD join. So we are using Azure AD for our AD/LDAP services. Would like the Reach server to integrate with Azure AD. Make finding endpoints much easier

  • Azure AD Integration

    Ability to integrate with Microsoft’s cloud AD (Azure AD) so we can search out users and PCs in the same manner we do with local AD. This would also help manage external computers without the need to setup a Reach server in the cloud.

  • Update driver via Device Manager

    From time to time I need to update a device driver (Windows Driver, HID device, etc) Doing this remote, behind the scene could have been huge for me with a Jabra issue I had that used a built in default windows HID driver. Tying it to a automated task would…

  • A single reference for machines regardless of location.

    Currently, machines can be located in 2 places. Internal Devices and External Devices, depending on what side of the gateway they are on. It would be good to have a single machine reference regardless of its location.

  • Preview All Monitors Tab/Pin

    Team, please see the attached screenshots. Would like to see a development of a preview all monitors pin somewhere in the reach console. For example, if there is a 6 monitor setup, I’d like to see an active preview pane for all 6 monitors. Also incorporate a feature to select…

  • Multiple Seats per License

    It would be a huge benefit to be able to log onto the console two (or three at most) times per license. For instance if I’m logged into the console at my main workstation, and have to run across campus with my laptop and continue using the console, most of…

  • Remote Draw

    Would like to see the ability to remote draw on a Remote Session to prompt the local user into action. Would also like to see this ability on the login screen as well. This would allow the support tech the ability to prompt the remote users into action when they…