• On-Demand Assist – No admin rights!

    Within our enterprise, as a security measure we set the policy of “User Account Control: Behavior of the elevation prompt for administrators in Admin Approval Mode” to “Prompt for credentials”. This forces a UAC prompt whenever a process needs admin rights. After connecting to an On-Demand Assist session, there are…

  • HTML Support for Emails

    Hi. Currently GoverLAN only supports text when sending automated emails. I’m hoping that support can be added for HTML, as this would make the results be much more malleable. An example of this would be a “Reboot Required” Automation process that emails to the logged in user if a reboot…

  • Provide secure remote access to third parties

    Goverlan reach is a great tool for remote support of our devices when they are off site. What would be great is if we could allow third parties secure access to our systems for support.

  • AD sorting

    There used to be a feature in Goverlan that let you group objects together. By Location, or description within an OU. We were told that this feature was removed. I would like to see this feature get returned.

  • ‘nick name” or “friendly name”

    We create favorites groups under “my devices” and by info from our active directory groups. It would be useful to be able to add a ‘nick name” or “friendly name” to a system so they could be more easily identified. Often system names don’t have a lot of information in…

  • Linux Distribution for Reach Server

    Have Goverlan Reach to be installed on Linux Redhat/Centos, possibly deployed via a OVA or VHDX. Could do the reach gui via web browser. Would help make the reach server more secure.

  • WOL Remote Enable

    The ability to turn on WOL, remotely by going into properties of NIC under Power Management. See attached