• RegisterDNS

    On ‘many’ occassions our laptops show up with an incorrect IP Address in Goverlan. Goverlan queries our DNS server using the computer name and it returns an IP Address which is wrong. The is tied to the laptop being connected on both wireless and ethernet. The DNS server can sometimes…

  • Extended Atrribute Editor

    In Administration/Diagnostics, when viewing “User Account” – “Account Management” – “Properties”, would be wonderful if there was an “Extended Attributes Editor” tab so I can view and edit these properties directly in Goverlan.

  • Standalone System Information

    Once in awhile our DNS server will display the incorrect IP address for a computer in the Administration & Diagnostics module and we have trouble verifying the computer identity. I’ve often thought it might be useful if the ‘System Information’ could be made as a stand alone tool, similar to…

  • On-Demand Assist – No admin rights!

    Within our enterprise, as a security measure we set the policy of “User Account Control: Behavior of the elevation prompt for administrators in Admin Approval Mode” to “Prompt for credentials”. This forces a UAC prompt whenever a process needs admin rights. After connecting to an On-Demand Assist session, there are…

  • .MSU and .MSP software installation packages

    It’s easy to setup a .MSI or .EXE software installation packages in your Process Automation and would like the same ability to create a softwaer installation package for .MSU and .MSP files.