• ARM CPU support

    Would like to see support for ARM based CPUs for MacOS and Windows OS.

  • Add Caller Column to IMA

    Add Caller Column to IMA Module to better be able to distinguish tickets.

  • Option to hide offline machines

    Would like an option to allow the hiding of offline machines. And/Or the ability to sort machines by their on/off state.

  • Report Display Name

    Would like a custom action for Reporting Display Name in a report such as when a favorite object has it’s display name changed.

  • Automatic login

    Would like the ability to turn on a setting and automatically login to a device with the admin credentials the console is using.

  • Laser Pointer cursor

    Would like the ability to turn the cursor into a laser pointer. To be able to guide users instead of clicking on things for them.

  • Pull list of authorized Goverlan users

    Would like the ability to pull a CSV sheet of the full list of authorized Goverlan Users from the Product Portal page under the user license section.

  • Restrict external devices seen by operator

    Would like the ability to restrict which external devices a user sees. i.e. a Server policy that allows you to pick which external devices/OUs each operator can see.