• Welcome page disable

    Would like the ability to disable welcome page on the Goverlan Console.

  • Automatically update agents

    Would like the ability for agents to update themselves or update when they check in with the server and the server sees they are out of date.

  • Intel vPro

    What I would like to see in Intel vPro is power to start PC. Also compare mesh commander options for custom start if you can get those features in goverlan then it will be much easier for troubeshooting, especially the features for custom start using IDER avatar. At this stage…

  • Add Disable Controls Custom action

    Would like a custom action that disables / enables client controls like in the Remote control menu.

  • Add a chat shortcut on the full screen RC

    Would like to see the chat button also be added to the list of shortcut buttons when the RC session is in full screen mode, on the upper left of the blue part of the RC session.

  • Automatic Log Exporting

    Would like the ability to automatically export logs from the Goverlan server to an e-mail periodically.

  • Share Alternate Credentials between Consoles

    Would like the ability to share alternate credentials between a group of Console technicians. Instead of having to have everyone add the same credentials to their own machines.

  • Native Firewall Editing

    Would like the ability to natively customize Firewall settings via Custom Actions or Process Automations. i.e. push out a firewall change for a specific program or port. Not just turn being able to turn the firewall on or off.

  • Bitlocker reporting or management

    Would like to see a reporting item reporting back whether a device is bitlocked. And/or having the ability to manage bitlocker (on/off/suspend).