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Remote Access: Enabling Smart Card Authentication

Working with Smart Card Redirection

On FIPS 201 compliant sites, Goverlan Reach Remote Control allows users to supply smart card credentials to authenticate on remote systems. In order to redirect a local smart card to a remote machine, the Goverlan Smart Card Reader Driver must be installed on a remote computer.

Goverlan Reach RC automatically detects any local smart card readers on the operator’s system and automatically prompts you to enable Smart Card redirection. Once this detection is complete Goverlan will ask the operator to select the local smart card reader to redirect.

Once the reader is detected:


More than one reader is detected:


Redirection Prompt Behavior

Use the Goverlan Settings screen to set one of the following options for Smart Card Redirection prompting.

  • Automatically redirect my smart card reader– This setting will automatically redirect the smart card reader with no prompt.
  • Prompt me to redirect if a reader is detected– This setting will prompt the Goverlan operator to choose which local reader to redirect.
  • Disable Smart Card Redirection– This setting will suppress any Smart Card redirection prompts.

Smart Card Redirection Activity Indicator

The Activity Indicator will be displayed once redirection is active. The activity indicator will flash when smart card data is being transferred between the remote system and Goverlan Reach RC.

With no activity. http://assets.goverlan.com/userguide_img/images/sc%20activity%20indic%20no%20activ.png

With activity. http://assets.goverlan.com/userguide_img/images/sc%20activity%20indic.png

Simulate Smart Card Reinsert.

Click the Activity Indicator to reveal the Smart Card Reinsert control. Selecting this will initiate a smart card reinsert command on the remote system.


Installing the Goverlan Smart Card Driver

The Goverlan Smart Card Reader Driver is required to be installed on any remote system that supports Smart Card login.

The driver installer is in the Goverlan installation directory.

  • C:\Program Files\Goverlan Reach Console 9\SmartCardDriver\GovSmartCardDriver.exe
    Go to the Tools tab in the Command Bar and click the Task Manager button.C:\Users\vcruz\AppData\Local\Temp\SNAGHTML14ddfae0.PNG

Copy GovSmartCardDriver.exe to a computer on your network and run the installer. This process will need to be completed on each computer that requires a smart card login.

Follow through with the installation wizard and click INSTALL on the following screen.


The Goverlan Smart Card Reader Driver will appear under “Smart Card Readers” in the Windows Device Manager.


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