WMI Explorer: Managing a Remote Machine

Once you have connected to a remote machine with WMIX, Goverlan’s free WMI explorer, you will be presented with three ways to explore a machine’s objects. If you are familiar with WMI, the description of these options will be easy to understand. If you are not familiar with WMI, the Browser view requires no knowledge of WMI technology. Again, you do not need to know WMI to use WMIX.

  • The primary way to explore a machine’s information is the Browser View (WMI GUI Tools) . This view allows you to organize a set of root object categories which are the starting points to query information from. The root objects in the Browser view can be WMI classes, WMI associations or WMI queries. WMIX comes with a default, pre-defined set of root objects which encompasses the most common information you may need. You can modify the list of root objects to include your own WMI objects and queries.
  • The second way to explore a machine’s information is by using the View by Namespace & Class section. This view is more specific to WMI as it displays the full set of namespaces and their child objects which exist on the remote machine. A WMI namespace is like a file folder. It is a container which groups child objects that relate to one another in some way. A namespace contains a hierarchy of classes and associations which define either a machine’s object or the relationship between two or more objects. The most commonly used namespace is CIMV2 (Common Information Model Version 2.)
  • The third and final way is the Query WMI View. Again, this view is specific to WMI as it requires the knowledge of WQL (WMI Query Language). WQL allows you to specify a query string which describes the type of information you need. A WQL query can be very sophisticated because it can include conditions which makes it a very powerful way to retrieve information from a remote machine.

To switch from one view to the other, click on their respective tabs at the bottom of the main window. You can switch from one view to another at any time since they are independent of one another.

Updated on August 2, 2018

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