WMI Query Trace Panel

The WMI Query Trace panel displays the WMI Queries used internally by WMIX to query the information you request while navigating through the interface. For example, you can see the WMI Query used to display the instances of a class object when you double click on it, or, the query used to display the associations of a class instance. This way, you can learn how WMIX queries the information you requested. You can also use this panel to copy a WMI Query used by WMIX and paste it into your own scripts.

The format of the WMI Query is:

Query String

Note: This format can be used in the WMIX Query WMI view.

Showing the WMI Query Trace Panel

  • If the WMI Query Trace panel is closed, open the main command menu and select Show Panels >> WMI Query Trace from the main menu.
  • To set or un-set the WMI Query Trace panel in the auto-hide mode, click on the  button located on the panel bar. In the auto-hide mode, the WMI Query Trace panel is minimized when not used and only appears when you place the mouse cursor over its tab.
  • To move the WMI Query Trace panel to another area of the WMIX workspace, click on the panel’s bar and drag it to the desired location.

Clearing the contents of the WMI Query Trace Pane

To clear the contents of the WMI Query Trace Pane, simply click within it, press the [CTRL] + A keys to select all of the text within it and then press on the [DEL]key.

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