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Goverlan v9 to v10 Migration Guide

Upgrading from v9 to v10

Goverlan Reach v10 is designed to be a direct upgrade for Goverlan v9. All Goverlan v9 and v10 components (Agents, Consoles) are forward and backward compatible up to Version 10.1.3.

*Version 10.5 and up will require a new agent to be deployed on all endpoints within your environment.*

What’s New in Goverlan v10

MacOS Agent Support

Goverlan Reach now supports MacOS agent endpoints. Nearly all of the Goverlan features that have been available for Windows are now available for MacOS such as:

  • Software Management
  • Inventory Reporting
  • Remote Control
  • Remote management via the Goverlan Reach Gateway
  • Plus much more…

MSIX Support

Goverlan v10 now has the ability to deploy MSIX files as well as remove Windows Store UWP apps from the Programs feature. For more information see Deploying Software with Goverlan Reach.

Improved Remote Control Optimization Controls

Remote Control optimization controls have been improved for finer control over the remoting experience. Operators can now choose a frame rate or image quality setting for finer control over low bandwidth connections. For more information see Overview of the RC User Interface

Upgrade Path

Goverlan Reach Consoles

The Goverlan Consoles can exists side by side on the same Windows workstation.

Database Upgrade from v9 to v10

The Goverlan Reach v10 Console will prompt for a database upgrade when it detects a v9 DB. Please see the following considerations:

  • The upgrade is mandatory for v10 consoles.
  • Upgrading the database will not affect v9 consoles.
  • v9 consoles before v9.50.05 will inform the user of a different database schema. Users may click “Do not remind me” option and proceed without reverting the database. v9.50.05 consoles will have the option to continue without downgrading the database and remember this setting.

Database upgrade options

When v10 starts and detects an older database, you may see the following options:

  • Proceed with the database update – The Goverlan Console database will be updated. v9 Consoles will still be able to function after the database has been upgraded.
  • Clone the database and update – The Goverlan Console database will be copied over to a new database and v10 will use that database.

Cloning the database is useful for testing v10 before upgrading the production v9 database.


Some options may be disabled due a Goverlan Reach Server Policy. Please contact Goverlan Support for upgrade strategies in this case.

Upgrading Reach Agents

The Goverlan Reach v9 agents can be upgraded to v10 agents at any time. See Goverlan Agent Manager for more information. All v9 and v10 agents are cross compatible with v10 and v9 consoles up to v10.1.3 as well as Goverlan Reach Server v3.60.03.

*v10.5 and up will require a new agent to be deployed on all endpoints within your environment.*

*The Goverlan Reach Server 3.7.0 and up will also contain the new agent that is compatible with 10.5 Console.*



Getting Started

Goverlan Agent Manager

Goverlan MacOS Agent Client Agent

Updated on August 30, 2022

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