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Using the Goverlan Client Agent Installer Resource kit for Manual Agent Installation

This article relates to the Goverlan v8 release only. If you are using Goverlan Reach, see: Goverlan Client Agent Deployment and Management

This article describes the utilities available in the Goverlan Reach remote access software client agent installer resource kit. Use the Agent Installer Resource kit for manual installation of the agent or for third party installation utilities.


The Goverlan Client Agent Resource Kit files are located in the Goverlan installation directory (i.e.: C:\Program Files(x86)\Goverlan v7 or Goverlan v8) in the folder called GoverLAN Client Agent Installer . The Goverlan Client Agent Resource Kit contains a set of utilities to distribute the Goverlan Agents as well as to configure the Goverlan client settings on a local machine.

File Descriptions

Readme.txt Information file. Provides a description of the utilities.
GoverLAN Client Agents.msi GoverLAN Agents MSI Installer.
GovAgentInstallHelper.exe Command line utility which sets client side settings
GovAgentInstaller.ini Client side settings configuration file.

GoverLAN Client Agents.msi

GoverLAN Client Agents.msi
You can use the GoverLAN Client Agents.msi file to pre-install the GoverLAN Agents on a local machine. The installer replaces any existing GoverLAN Agents with the ones included in this MSI. The Goverlan Services and the Goverlan Event Logs are registered.


Administrative Privileges are required to install the Goverlan Agent. Please install the agent with an account that has local admin rights. If UAC is enabled, Hold Shift and right click the .MSI file. Select Run as Different user and enter the local admin credentials. Alternatively you can run CMD.exe as Administrator and run MSIEXEC as stated below.

To run the installer, execute the GoverLAN Client Agents.msi file and follow the installation wizard. Once the agents are installed, you can use the Programs and Features control panel applet to remove the agents.

You can optionally configure the GoverLAN client settings during the installation (see Advanced settings).

Quiet Mode

To run the installer in silent mode, use the Windows Installer command line options as indicated below.

  • To install in silent mode, execute: msiexec /i “MSI-FILE-PATH\GoverLAN Client Agents.msi” /qb
  • To un-install in silent mode, execute: msiexec /x “MSI-FILE-PATH\GoverLAN Client Agents.msi” /qb

Advanced settings

You can optionally include a GovAgentInstaller.ini file in the same directory as the GoverLAN Client Agents.msi to specify advanced configuration settings. This ini file allows you to configure the following:

  • Configure the RMC Client Settings.
  • Apply special permission on the RMC Client Settings.
  • Create and configure a ‘GoverLAN Remote Control Admins’ local group.

A documented GovAgentInstaller.ini file has been included.


If you simply need to apply the Goverlan Client Side Security Settings on a machine but do not need to re-install the Goverlan Agents, use the GovAgentInstallHelper.exe.
Create a configure a GovAgentInstaller.ini file with the preferred settings and place it in the same directory as the GovAgentInstallHelper.exe file, then run the GovAgentInstallHelper.exe process as follows:


where INITIALIZATION_FILE_PATH is the full path of the GovAgentInstaller.ini file (do not include ‘GovAgentInstaller.ini’in the path).
i.e.: GovAgentInstallHelper /R /S:\\SERVERNAME\INSTALLSHARE\GovSettings\

To configure the client side settings on a set of machines, create a GoverLAN Scope Action with a ‘Computer.Processes.Start a new process’ action configured to run the process with the appropriate arguments.


The installer progress and registrations are logged into the GovAgentInstaller.log file. The GovAgentInstaller.log file is generated in the same directory as the MSI or the GovAgentInstallHelper.exe file.

Updated on June 19, 2018

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