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Remote Control Supported Connection Protocols

Other than the default Goverlan Remote Control Protocol which is established via the Goverlan Client Agent on the remote machine, Goverlan Reach RC has multiple connection protocols that are built-in, which do not require the Goverlan Client Agent installed on the remote machine.

Microsoft RDP Protocol

Establishing an RDP session with Goverlan Reach’s Remote Control

Use the Connect button in the Command Bar or in the More Options section.

RDP Connection Settings

Goverlan Reach RC supports many RDP options

Saving RDP Credentials in Goverlan Reach RC

Use the Logon Information Tab to save RDP credentials. Credentials will be stored in the Credential Manager. For more information on the Credential Manager, see Using Alternate Credentials in Goverlan.

Certificate-based RDP Connections

Goverlan supports Certificate RDP connection. Use the Security drop down and select the appropriate connection type.


Initiate VNC Connections to Mac, Linux or any other devices running VNC server software.


Mac/Linux Remote Desktop Access must be configured first. Please consult your operating system guides for enabling Remote Desktop Access.

Starting a new VNC connection.

Step 1: Choose VNC from the Connection drop down on the Command Bar or from the Connections Button.

Step 2: Enter the target system host name or IP address and choose any connection options

Use the Credential Manager to store VNC credentials for later user. For more information, see Using Alternate Credentials in Goverlan.

Step 3: Provide VNC Credentials

Click the Connect button to establish a connection.


Windows Remote Command Line

Goverlan Reach RC provides easy access to the Command Line or PowerShell Command Line of any Windows system on your network.

Accessing a system by Windows Remote CMD

Choose via Command Prompt from the More Options drop-down or the Connect button drop down in the Command bar.

Enter the host name or IP address of the target system and specify the credentials to log in as. Goverlan will use the operator’s credentials by default.

Use the Goverlan Remote Command Prompt connection to run any commands directly on the target system.

Invoke the PowerShell command prompt by typing the command PowerShell.

SSH and Telnet

Use Goverlan Reach RC to connect to any Telnet or SSH device such as network devices or printers.

Starting a new Telnet/SSH connection

Choose via Telnet SSH from the More Options drop down or the Connect drop down in the Command Bar.

Choose the Connection type and the port number if it is not standard.

Goverlan Remote Control Telnet SSH Options

Click the Connect button to establish the connections.

Goverlan Remote Control Telnet SSH Options

Intel vPro

For more information on how to use the Intel vPro Protocol within Goverlan, please refer to, Goverlan Remote Control – Intel vPro.

Updated on August 7, 2018

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