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Process Automation – Report on NTFS permissions

With Goverlan Reach remote support software and its Process Automation framework, it is easy to report on the NTFS Access Control lists of any Windows folder. You can include relevant active directory objects in your report such as user name, computer attributes and group.

**This feature requires Goverlan v8.01.06 or higher.


**These tutorials are for demonstration purposes. Please test all Scope Actions before deploying them into production.**

  1. If you have never build an IT workwlow automation before, please refer to the below video and the Scope Action Creation Basics article for more information.
  2. Navigate to the following: Add \ Remove –> Report Computer Property –> File System Permissions –> Manage Accessible Directories
  3. Add the path to be queried.
    Please note:

    If you are trying to query a network share, you must place the absolute path as it appears locally on the machine that is hosting the share.
    IE: C:\CompanyData\Share\SpecialFolder as opposed to \\Servername\SpecialFolder

  4. Go back to Add \ Remove and find the appropriate report items.

Run this scope action to report on the NTFS permissions. Here is a sample report.

Using Conditions to find the permissions of a specific user or group

Add the following condition into the action module detect the permissions of specific user or group.

Updated on April 30, 2019

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