Goverlan Process Automations is a powerful enterprise-wide desktop and user management solution including asset reporting, object detection, software deployment and much more.

Process Automations offers an extensive collection of report, set, and execute actions. It includes all actions that can be performed using the Administration & Diagnostics module plus many more. Additionally, WMI technology has been fully integrated into Process Automations so that every WMI attribute and method can be configured in a Process Automation.

Understanding Process Automations

Goverlan Process Automations is a powerful configuration management tool that can perform asset management, software deployments or detect network objects with a specific configuration. The following actions are examples of what can be done using Goverlan Process Automations:

  • Reporting on the installed applications on a set of machines.
  • Deploying the installation of a software package on a set of machines.
  • Reporting all user accounts with administrative privileges and a password age greater than 60 days.
  • Shutting down all machines every Friday at 11:45 PM, unless a user is currently logged-in.
  • Adding a new network printer to all users for a specific department.
  • Detecting all machines that are currently running a specific process.
  • Querying information, modifying settings or executing tasks using WMI objects.

For examples of useful Process Automations, see our Tutorials KBA.

Updated on February 20, 2019

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