Mapping Custom Incident States

Goverlan Incident Management Integration has 6 main categories for issue states. You may wish to customize these states to fit your current incident management platform states

New A new issue that has not been worked on.
Started An issue that is being worked on.
On Hold An issue that has been paused. The timer will not run.
Resolved An incident that has a resolution.
Rejected An incident that is no longer needed.
Closed An incident that has been closed
Canceled An incident that is no longer valid.


The Configure States screen can be accessed in the incident management toolbar or under General Settings –> Incident Management, under the Application Tab.

Using the ADD button, Goverlan Reach will query all available states from your current Incident Management provider and allow you to choose them for a specific mapping. You may also type any here manually.

You can map any number of states to a Goverlan Reach Incident State. When the mapping is complete, all cases with a specific status will match the Goverlan Reach icon for that status.



Updated on September 3, 2019

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