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How to Migrate the Goverlan Reach Server to a new machine

In this article we will demonstrate how to migrate your Goverlan Reach Server(GRS) to a new machine.

Server Data Directory

  • Locate the GRS log directory as shown below. These will be on your existing server. 
  • Backup the files in this location.

Database Settings

Under Database Settings, if your Database Type is set to:

  • SQL (file-based), then you can proceed to the next step as the DB is stored in the Server Data Directory that was backed up from the previous step.
  • Microsoft SQL Server, make sure to notate what DB name and Server\instance is being used.

Simply restore the Data Directory folder to the new server and run the GRS installer.

You have now created a new GRS server. All that remains is to switch over the DNS SRV record for _goverlanServer. The agents will begin to use the new server once DNS has been replicated.

Testing the new server before switching the DNS record.

  1. Run the GRS installer on a workstation that has the Goverlan agent installed.
  3. You will see a GRS Tester App icon on the desktop.
  4. Hold SHIFT and double click the icon.

This will force the test workstation to send audit logs and test the new server before you switch over the DNS record.

Updated on February 20, 2019

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