On-Demand Access: Branding End User Experience

Branding End User Experience

By default, the parent organization name configured in your Goverlan Reach Server settings is used to brand Goverlan Reach sessions. This name is used in the On-Demand Goverlan Reach session email, support session interface and is the name of the shortcut generated on the user’s desktop.

The Goverlan Reach experience can be further customized by creating a self-hosted, On-Demand Goverlan Reach landing page with a convenient public DNS name that includes a download button for the On-Demand Goverlan Reach client executable.



The On-Demand Goverlan Reach support landing page should auto-download the Goverlan Reach Client executable that was generated from a prior On-Demand Goverlan Reach web-link.


If you change any of your Goverlan Reach Settings, you MUST regenerate a new GoverlanClient.exe by generating a new web-link to reflect these changes.

Updated on February 18, 2019

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