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Auditing Operator Remote Control Events

All actions performed by a Goverlan operator are audited. The default implementation records audit traces in the Windows Event Application Log, however, audits can be centralized using the Goverlan Reach Server. See Auditing of Goverlan Operator Actions.

The Remote Control action benefits from additional auditing that can be queried remotely. This article describes the audit information provided and how to query it from the Goverlan Operator Console.

What information is logged during a remote control session?

The following information is captured during a remote control session.

  • Client – The target computer that is being controlled
  • Client User – The logged-in user. This can be the console user or an RDP/Citrix session
  • Start Time – The time the remote control session was started
  • End Time – The time the remote control session was ended
  • Admin User – The Goverlan operator
  • Admin Machine – The computer that the Goverlan operator is logged in to
  • Session ID – The logon session of the target user
  • Misc – This column represents

Where can audit information be found?

The Goverlan Client is responsible for logging remote control sessions. Information is recorded in several locations for redundancy and flexibility.

Audit information is stored in the following locations:

  • Windows Application Event Log (on the target workstation)
  • Goverlan Client proprietary log
  • Goverlan Reach Server

Remotely Querying the Remote Control Audit Logs

via Goverlan Reach RC

The proprietary log is maintained by the Goverlan Client and can be accessed from the Goverlan Reach RC UI.

Access the log from the Favorites section. Right-click any workstation and select View Session Log:

via the Goverlan Client Configuration Control Panel Applet

You can access the remote control session log of a machine by accessing its Goverlan Client Configuration control panel applet.

  1. Select the Local Desktop Access tab
  2. Click on View Access Log.

via the Goverlan Process Automation Feature

You can generate a report of Goverlan remote control session activity across multiple machines using a Goverlan Process Automation.

  • Create a Process Automation, configure the machine scope
  • Under Actions, configure Report > Remote Control Session History.

The Goverlan Reach Server

The Goverlan Reach Server will automatically collect Remote Control logs and centrally store them. For more information, see the Goverlan Reach Server.

In the Goverlan Reach Server console, click on the Audit tab on the Command Bar to view the real-time audit log. For more information on this screen see, Goverlan Auditing Services.



Updated on August 21, 2018

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